Floral Tributes

Floral Tributes
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Flowers have long been used as a graceful and beautiful way to express love and sympathy in the event of a passing. There is a wide selection of floral arrangements available and we are on hand to help you choose the perfect one. We work alongside Grantham florist, Julie’s Bespoke Floristry who provide a comprehensive and dedicated service.

Julie's Bespoke Floristry

Popular Funeral Flowers


The lily represents the innocence that is restored to the soul following a passing. They express purity and are a very traditional funeral flower.


Carnations are a popular choice for funerals as they offer long lasting fragrance and often used to express deepest sympathies. Pink carnations symbolise remembrance, red carnations stand for admiration with white carnations reflecting pure love and innocence.


Chrysanthemums have been used for floral tributes in funeral services for many years the world over. They are considered a cheerful flower and signify the celebration of the life of a loved one.


Roses prove a beautiful and popular choice for funeral services. Red roses are equated with respect, courage and love. Pink roses symbolise grace, appreciation and gentility. Dark crimson roses signify sorrow and a single rose included in a bouquet expresses endless love.

These are just a few of the floral tributes available. Julie will work closely with you to ensure you have the most beautiful and appropriate arrangements.

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